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Tea Cakes & Brownies

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Ovenfresh cheese crackers(Eggless)

Rs. 125/-

Chocolate and Hazelnut cookies(Eggless)

Rs. 150/-

Eggless chocolate chip muffin 4pc(Eggless)

Rs. 112/-

Eggless blueberry muffins 4pcs(Eggless)

Rs. 104/-

Milk Cake plain (Contains Egg)

Rs. 85/-

chocochip vanilla cake(Eggless)

Rs. 98/-

chocolate chip muffin(contains egg)(Contains Egg)

Rs. 112/-

Small Candid Orange fruit Cake (Contains Egg)

Rs. 160/-

Swedish Oatmeal Cookie(Eggless)

Rs. 118/-

Chocolate fudge cookies (150gm)(Eggless)

Rs. 123/-

Date & Walnut Bar Cake ( contain egg )(Contains Egg)

Rs. 95/-

Blueberry Muffens 4Pcs (contains egg)(Contains Egg)

Rs. 104/-

Almond Biscotti (150gms)(Eggless)

Rs. 118/-

Cheese Straws - 200gms(Eggless)

Rs. 132/-

Multigrain Cookies - 150gms(Eggless)

Rs. 118/-

Box of 12 Macaron(Contains Egg)

Rs. 455/-

Palmiers - 200gms(Eggless)

Rs. 132/-

Nothing beats the rich, moist, buttery taste of a homemade pound cake recipe.

Try our classic pound cake or more flavorful versions with fruits, spices, and nuts. .

Enjoy a slice of this cake  plain , just with dusting of powdered sugar or with whipped cream or ice cream, it is truly a king among cakes.