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box of 10 chocolate truffles(Eggless)

Rs. 270/-

Set of 2 boxes of chocolate Pralines 4pcs each(Eggless)

Rs. 300/-

Box of 10 chocolate pralines(Eggless)

Rs. 325/-

Assorted Chocolate Lollies 9pcs(Eggless)

Rs. 250/-

Box of 9 chocolate pralines

Rs. 420/-

Box of 24 chocolate pralines

Rs. 1020/-

Box of 12 chocolate pralines (Eggless)

Rs. 525/-

For the ultimate sensory experience of what the ancient Mayans called “Food of the Gods”, the chocolate taste its best when you

                     Smell it
              Close your eyes
                Slowly taste it
                   Let it melt
               Devour the feel
Get introduced with the Chocolate

All chocolate used by us are only couvertures, sourced straightway from finest Belgian & French largest producers of chocolate each having a uniqueness of its own. We then turn these couvertures into a smooth & silky chocolate experience.

The term “Couverture” refers to pure quality chocolate having more than 32% of cocoa content with no added fats or additives.

1 What a layman sees, eats & gets highly impressed by jazzy packing around the chocolate, majority of them are made out of immitation or compound chocolate.
2 In imitation or compound, cocoa butter is substituted by hydrogenated vegetable fats thereby removing any health benefits of cocoa and increasing cholesterol levels. This type is half the price of the couvertures.