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Desire3 - 1kg Contains Egg

Rs. 1500

A rich almond dacoise base beautifully holds the delicately prepared chocolate choux pastry. The crunchy elements are finished with three different mousse varieties coated with pure cocoa butter (coloured deep red )


“Talk less and feel the Desire”

When an artist sits to paint, little does he know that he will make a masterpiece; when a potter moulds the clay he is wishing for a beautiful urn; and when a baker churns the batter, he nearly falls in love with his cake. And that is precisely what happened to creative patissiers at Ovenfresh when Desire III happened to them.

Love knew no bounds when the chefs at Ovenfresh decided to whip up a glorious and celebrated cake that was never created before. They say, love is blind and when chef gave birth to a cake with six different textures and 36 ingredients, he certainly proved it right.

Just like the meticulous virtues of understanding, romance and compatibility are needed to keep a relationship alive; the chef’s love story with Desire III demanded both time and attention.

His dedication was evident in the pre planning that was equivalent to that of constructing a building. The intricate planning process ran longer than the actual time taken to make it.

After trying six different recipes and trivial combinations, back and forth on the right pairings it was time for celebration. Taking cue from French Patisserie heritage, chefs at Ovenfresh danced in merriment when the Desire III finally saw the light of the day just in the first attempt. It wasthe first ever magnanimous creation that rightfully earned its reputation as Ovenfresh’s signature cake.

And there is no reason why this three-in-one dessert does not deserve the golden mantle. The combination of six unique textures and tastes also has a spectrum of appearances. Crunchy, gooey and soft, Desire III embodies the best of the baking world. A rich almond dacoise base beautifully holds the delicately prepared chocolate choux pastry. And the elaborateness just does not end there. The crunchy elements are then finished with three different mousse varieties coated with a deep red cover.

Even the look of the cake found its inspiration in the classy architecture s of history. The neoclassical appearance combines the old and new while the clean and smooth top gives it a contemporary touch. The rustic and archaic architecture of ancient empires stimulated the design of the base.

The complex flavours of the cake are so extravagant that recreating it is almost impossible. Recipes can be duplicated for once, but love for food is unique and not all can show the same.

This masterpiece is an inspiration and not an object of recreation. The only way to express your love and emotions for this cake is by commitiing to a relationship with Desire III.

Several encounters and a gradual understanding are necessary to feel the Desire to its fullest potential. True to its name, this is certainly an object of Desire for every passionate cake lover.

The passionate love affair between the patissiere and Desire is a romantic fantasy one can only dream of. And the best way to live this sinful and divine experience would be do delve into its heavenly goodness one bite at a time.

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Rs. 1500

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Customer Feedback


Awesum cake.. Gud taste.. On time delivery..

May 27 2016


Awesum cake.. Gud taste.. On time delivery..

May 27 2016


The service was exceptionally good & the cake was awesome.

December 27 2016


Desire 3 is truly the signature cake of Oven Fresh - its fantastic & extremely delicious !!! Kudos to the customer support & deli

March 03 2017


It was a gift, so I don not know how good it was...the five star rating is only for on time delivery and for maintaining secrecy i

May 19 2017



September 15 2017


Oven fresh is my go to destination for sending cakes in Mumbai to my brother. Every year I order this cake for him and have been r

March 10 2018



July 27 2018


We just wanted to say thank you for making Birthday cake& for delivering it on time. It was the best cake ever. It was beautiful a

August 07 2018


My god this ????.. It's divine. I have ordered twice an now it's gonna be on all occasions for sure.. Love it

December 22 2018


Ordered this cake yesterday and it was wiped out within 5 mins of being cut. Absolutely delicious. Has amazing and unique flavour

February 23 2019

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